Up with People Jr. (UWP Jr.) offers a fun and high energy music arts performance based experience while helping children develop:

  • Life Skills
  • Confidence
  • Sense of Community
  • Greater Sense of Independence
  • Respect and Understanding of Our Global Society

We have taken inspiration from Up with People, and developed a day camp curriculum is rooted in learning and performing Up with People songs, and dances, participating in community action projects, and creating respect, awareness and appreciation, both locally and globally, for different cultures.  Children who attend this summer program are better equipped with skills to make positive changes in their home, schools, community and the world.

Designed to mirror the mission and message of Up with People, the UWP Jr. shows include curricula content standards addressing topics such as culture, international awareness and personal identity. Each song in the show is accompanied by a lesson plan to enhance the student’s understanding of the song and its message.

Parent Handbook

This parent handbook is designed to prepare and assist you with some of the questions you may have about the Up with People Jr. day camp program. It contains helpful and important information that will make the camp a meaningful experience for your child as well as a valuable resource for you as a parent. We are excited to meet and get to know your child and family. We look forward to providing your son/daughter with a fun, safe and educational summer experience. Hope to see you this summer!

Parents FAQ

Should my child bring a lunch?

Students are required to bring their own lunch and two snacks every day.

Due to various dietary needs and allergies, children are not allowed to share or exchange their lunches with their friends.

What if my child doesn’t know anyone at camp?

One of the primary goals of child development is learning to make friends. What better place to do it than in the safe and fun atmosphere of day camp? Our staff are trained to facilitate good relationships between children, and are dedicated to helping each child make at least one friend at camp.

What are the UWP Jr. Day Camp hours?

Monday-Friday , 9am-3:30 pm

What are your staff-camper ratios?

Safety is our highest priority, which is reflected in our staff to camper ratios. The Staff-to-Camper ratio is not to exceed 1 staff per every 8 campers and ALL group of campers will have at least two adult staff persons present at all times regardless of the size of the camper groups.  So for example, a group of seven day campers still requires two staff present, even though the staff-to camper ratio is 1-to-8.

What Should My Child Bring to Camp?

Please dress your child appropriately to accommodate the physical movements of the performing arts.  We recommend students to wear layers in order to adjust to the varying physical activities that they will partake in during the day. We suggest active wear, short-sleeved shirts and pants. Campers can choose to wear shorts but please ensure modesty.

Optional Items:

  • Paper and pen
  • Medication needed


  • Lunch
  • Water bottle

What NOT To Bring To Camp

The following items are NOT allowed

  • Personal valuables
  • Electronics

If these items are brought to camp, they will be stored with the Site Director and returned to the student at the end of the day, not to be brought in again.

The camp is NOT responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items. If items are marked with a camper’s full name, we will make an effort to return them.

How long is the day camp and for what ages?

Up with People Jr. is a one week long day camp for young people, ages 8-12.

Where is camp held?

Our UWP Jr. camp sites will not only be popping up in your local community but in towns, villages and countries around the world. Our young campers will be part of a global network of youth learning and sharing in the same experiences around the globe.

Please reference the website for a site location coming near you soon.

How much is camp?

UWP Jr. day camp rates are tailored to the area and community, which they serve. We make every effort to keep the rates competitive for families to enjoy. Please reference the website for specific rates in your area.

How do I register my child?

All registrations are completed through the UWP Jr. website or our partnering organizations.  Please find your location site on the website and complete the registration and all forms required to save a spot for your child. 

What is a typical day at UWP Jr. Day Camp?

A typical day in UWP Jr. is learning international songs and dances from around the world and exploring the origin of those songs and dances, while getting to know more about themselves through team building activities, and cross cultural education. 

Who are the staff?

We have only the highest standards of excellence when it comes to our day camp staff.  Prospective camp employees complete a rigorous staff application and interview process with our Site Directors.  Candidates for employment demonstrate an exceptional set of skills in the areas of child development and communication, and of course demonstrate the enthusiasm, compassion and patience required to work successfully with groups of children ages 8 – 12.  Candidates for employment are required to submit a comprehensive work history, positive references and also pass extensive background checks. This protocol is repeated every year, for ALL staff, including returnees.

Once hired, staff participate in an extensive staff training process focused on creating the safest possible physical and emotional environment for our day camp community.   In addition, throughout the day camp, our Site Director, actively engages in the ongoing process of reviewing and evaluating staff to ensure the maintenance of the highest standards in safety and skill building.

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