Up with People Jr. (UWP Jr.) is a one week long summer day camp located across the globe! Explore your own community and the world at large, learn songs from the international singing organization, volunteer for community service action projects and participate in a 30-minute high energy show at the end of each session.

Campers FAQ

Can I bring my cell phone?

Camp is a time to get away from electronics since they often hinder the growth of communication skills and independence. Most electronic devices are not allowed to use at camp on a regular basis including the following:

  • Any item that can: send/receive a phone call or text message, play a video/DVD, access the internet, or send/receive e-mail
  • Handheld electronic games
  • DVD players or computers

Any of the electronic items above brought to camp will be given to staff for safe keeping and will be returned to the camper upon pick-up.

Will I get a solo?

All campers will be given the opportunity to sing as a group and be considered for a solo, although every camper will not be able to sing a solo. Our staff work to feature the abilities of every camper to produce the UWP Jr show.

Do I have to be in the show?

UWP Jr uses a “Challenge by Choice” motto meaning the choice is always yours to make. However, our staff will always challenge you to experience new things and step out of your comfort zone. We will never demand that you perform in the show, although we do know that a large part of the UWP Jr curriculum and skills gained are rooted in performing the UWP Jr show.

Can my mom/dad come with me?

At UWP Jr we reserve the show day at camp for all family members and friends. We welcome and encourage them to come and join us on our final day to share in our show and other accomplishments. The other days of the week are specifically dedicated to our campers.

What if I do not sing or dance?

One of the cool parts of UWP Jr is that most of our campers do not come with lots of performing experience so we all start learning together. Most campers arrive excited about learning how to sing and dance. After working hard to learn all the show material we will use the abilities of each camper accordingly.

Beside the show what else will we do at camp?

While learning and performing the show is a large part of camp, we do many other activities such as; arts, and crafts, games and activities, community service, culture presentations and a lot of FUN, FUN, FUN.

What if I do not know anybody else?

You will not be alone, since most campers don’t know each other. The chance to make new friends is what makes camp so cool. The theme of the first day at camp is, “We Are Many We Are One” and we dedicate the first day to activities and games that will have you meeting, playing, talking, laughing, exploring, and eating, with your new UWP Jr friends.

This camp is so awesome!  You get to learn a lot of songs in languages like Belgian, Spanish, and more
Katherine, Harrisonburg, VA
I loved all of it! Singing and dancing and learning about new cultures and I made great new friends!
Randi, Denver, CO
Up with People Jr. was amazing because you got to meet people that share the love of music and dance. You also got to learn and get to know all about the world
Catherine, Harrisonburg, VA
It was a really fun week with lots of activities!
Oliver, Harrisonburg, VA