Up With People, Jr.

General Info

UWP Jr. offers a fun and high energy arts-based experience while helping children develop:

  • Life skills
  • Confidence
  • Sense of Community
  • Greater sense of independence
  • Respect and understanding of our global society


UWP Jr. campers enjoy learning Up with People songs and dances,
and using the arts as a vehicle to explore their own communities and the global community we all call home. In addition to staging and performing a 30-minute Up with People style show at the end of each session, campers volunteer for community action projects throughout the week. As its name suggests, Up with People Jr. is tailored to younger people but is still consistent with the UWP Global Education Program: performing arts, leadership, service learning and cultural awareness.

UWP Jr. shows include classics from yesterday as well as music and themes that reflect today’s world. Designed to mirror the mission and message of UWP, Up with People Jr. shows address topics such as diversity, international awareness and personal identity. Each song in the show is accompanied by a lesson plan designed to enhance campers’ understanding of the song and its theme.


A unique element of the Up with People Jr. program is its potential to be implemented anywhere in the world. With that in mind, who better than our very own Up with People alumni to be the facilitators and directors of Up with People Jr.? Through a strategic selection process, alumni are selected from around the globe to launch the Up with People Jr. program in their own communities. What a great opportunity for our alums to give back to their communities while introducing Up with People to a new generation.